Driver thought he had gone over a rock – but !!

A 45 year-old woman was tragically killed at the weekend when she was run over by an overloaded truck.

The driver had piled the grass on his boot and could not see at all through his rear window.

He heard a thud and thought he had gone over a rock but he had reversed over a woman killing her instantly.

Police found Wan Preekarn dead in a pool of blood on the hard shoulder. Half her head was flattened as she had been caught under the wheel. She was found face up. She was from Lup sub-district in Kalasin.

Nearby was parked an old white Mitsubishi car with the driver waiting for the arrival of the authorities. The driver was Somsan Hongsuwan, 46. On the back of his car was a pile of vegetation.

Somsan told police he had driven to get something for his cows to eat and placed the vegetation on the boot of his car. He was reversing and couldn’t see properly so he was just using his mirrors.

He said he heard a large thud and though he had hit a pole or gone over a large rock. When he got out of his vehicle he realized what he had done.

Witnesses at the scene said that the woman was visiting friends in the area and had just got off a bus when she was run over.

Police released the body to relatives for cremation and detained Somsan on a charge of negligent driving causing death.

The accident occurred on Saturday on the Kalasin to Somdej district road (Route 12) in Muang district of Kalasin in Thailand’s north east.

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