Jailed Caretaker May Be Released Following Incredible Turn Of Events In Prison

Forty-eight year-old caretaker Kamon Phaekhiaw was sentenced to 21 years after he was identified by two children aged 7 and 11 as the man who robbed a house in Suphanburi.

However, the story has taken a remarkable twist which may see his release.

Kamon has  always protested his complete innocence and he has already served four years in Ratchaburi’s Klang Khao Bin jail. But recently two convicts arrived and seeing Kamon depressed they asked him what was wrong.

He told the new arrivals about how he had been jailed for something he had not done and the two new inmates realized that they were responsible for the crime themselves. They had managed to get away scot free but had since been jailed on another matter.

The two inmates felt sorry for Kamon and decided to write to the Justice Ministry to own up.

The Department of Special Investigations (DSI) and the Justice Ministry sent a team of investigators to interview the two inmates and found their testimony was consistent with details of the crime.

Though investigations are ongoing kapok there is a good chance that the caretaker was wrongly accused and will be freed now that the case has been reopened.

Neither the nationality nor identity of the foreigner who was the victim of the original robbery was mentioned in the online report.


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