Python scares off the ladies at the ladies!

Image: Thai Rath

A four meter female python looking for a place to escape the searing summer heat caused a bit of a stir at some ladies’ toilets in a central Pangnga park yesterday.

The 25 kilogram serpent was getting some much needed relief in a drain in front of the loos. But the scared local ladies were unable to get their own relief.

Many women who saw the snake hot footed it to some other toilets nearby in the Somdej Ya park to complete their business.

Local cops and other officials teamed up to restore order, however, and the snake was soon nestling in a fertilizer sack and on its way back to nature.

Thai Rath reported that the snake probable slithered out from the Phasi Sawan cave that is only 15 meters from the ladies toilets and was in search of some cooling water to escape the summer heat.


Source: Thai Rath

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