British English Teacher Becomes A Monk To Learn About Thai Buddhism

A British man who has lived in Thailand for three years has decided to become a Thai monk during the school holidays.

Sebastian John Maw, 44, will be known as Jaruthamamo for the next three weeks.

And his arrival is causing quite a stir among the faithful in the rural sub-district of Nonburi in Sisaket where he was ordained to join the temple of Wat Trai Phoom.

Sebastian is normally an English teacher in Khon Kaen but school is out so he decided to further his Buddhist knowledge. He has been a Buddhist since he was 27 and living in England.

There he was a monk at Wat Tibet for five years where he studied the Tibetan branch of the religion.

But he wanted to know more about Thai Buddhism and when a close friend suggested he join the forest temple in Sisaket he jumped at the chance.

Thai Visa / 77 Jowo



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