Overloaded pick up – Thais ask how did the police miss that one!

BANGKOK: — A video of a seriously overloaded pick-up heading for Bangkok caused an online furor on Thursday.

People asked how on earth the police could let that one through their checkpoints!

The pick-up in question was loaded so high with rattan tables and chairs that it almost hit signs over the road.

And the massive load teetered precariously over the back of the vehicle as well – with the flimsiest red cloth to “warn” motorists coming up behind.

Thai Rath were advised by the land department and the police that it was indeed illegal to have such a load. They would be examining the footage to see if they could take retrospective action.

The poster of the clip – Naret Suanplai – told the media that he took the video after filming on the Mitraphap Highway heading into Bangkok on Wednesday.

The footage was viewed 150,000 times by yesterday after it was posted on the popular Facebook fanpage Youlike (clipdet).

Source: Thai Rath

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