Taxi wars! Bangkok cabbies warned to “stay off our patch” by Pattaya drivers

Picture: 77Jowo

PATTAYA: — Taxi drivers in Pattaya have warned Bangkok cabbies to stay away claiming that drivers from the capital are ripping off the public.

The claims were made by a Pattaya drivers’ association after a video emerged last week of an altercation in Soi 5 Pattaya 2 in which a Bangkok cabbie was attacked.

Suparit Bunsai, 37, of Pla Loma (Dolphin) taxis told 77Jowo reporters that Pattaya drivers have their own price structure for trips to the capital so that customers are not taken advantage of.

He said drivers in the resort charge 800 to 1000 baht while Bangkok cabs who are called using the Line application charge 1,200 baht.

“We say that is a rip off”, said Suparit as he advised Bangkok cabbies to stay away from the resort.

Source: 77Jowo

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