Lady boys fined for getting their chests out for the lads

Image: Manager


Two lady boys have been fined for lewd Songkran behavior after they flashed their breasts for a crowd of baying men in Don Muang last week.

Footage was posted on the internet that led to the arrest of 21 year old Sathaporn “Pond” Saengmuang a local resident.

He said in mitigation that he had not shown everything as was depicted in the media. It was just a small flash and he had not even taken his bra off.

Also arrested was Kittiwat “Mon” Rachotyothinphaisan , 19, from Sai Mai.

Both were fined 500 baht for behavior offending public decency.

Pond had been videoed getting on a pick-up truck as the crowd encouraged him to reveal all. Photos also showed him baring his chest for a man on a motorcycle.


Source: Manager

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