Towering ghost “saves life” of Sattahip woman – now scramble begins for lottery numbers

Source: Sanook

SATTAHIP: —  The mother of a woman who had a miraculous escape in an overturned pick-up said her daughter swerved to avoid a shadowy ghost that was “as clear as day”, reported Sanook.

She said it was a clear warning sign from the protective spirit of a navy housing estate trying to stop her daughter going onto the main road where she may have faced death.

Now the locals are scurrying to buy lottery tickets using the registration of the vehicle.

Sanook said in their headline that the story really put the hairs on the back of your neck up.

Police called to the scene of the accident in a navy personnel housing estate found 21 year old Rithaichanok completely uninjured but in a state of shock by her overturned vehicle.

Her mother told reporters that she had just left the family home minutes before. She had seen a huge shadowy black figure in the middle of the road and swerved, hitting a power pole and flipping the Ford Ranger.

She said the accident happened in broad daylight and the spirit was itself as clear as day.

She said it was a clear warning sign that the protective spirit of the housing state was trying to warn her daughter that she would face possible death if she went out on the main road.

It was obviously an omen, she said, and would undoubtedly have been much worse for her daughter if she had made it to the highway.

Mum and daughter immediately went to the temple to make merit while the locals who were at the scene also took it as a sign – they scrambled to buy lottery tickets with the 4431 number of the Ranger’s license plate.


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