Korat man stung 80 times’ who went looking for lottery numbers in bees’ nest

Picture: Sanook

NAKHON RATCHASIMA: — A Korat man is fighting for his life after being attacked by a swarm of bees at his house in Chokchai district.

Jai, 54, was stung 80 times by “Royal Bees” after climbing up to the rafters of his house with a friend to see if they could see lottery numbers in a massive nest, reported Sanook.

Though a bit better in hospital Jai is still not out of danger after Tuesday’s attack.

Locals said that a man called Samai, 49, had come to visit Jai at his house and they had talked about an 80 centimeter long bees’ nest that was attached to the second story of the house. the nest had been there for a year.

Jai said that he had not done anything to eradicate the bees because he believed them to be auspicious and he thought they would bring him luck.

Samai decided it would be a good idea to climb up and see if they could discern some lottery numbers in the nest for the upcoming draw, reported Sanook.

But as they neared the nest a large quantity of bees attacked. Samai managed to run clear suffering only a few stings but Jai, who has a handicapped leg, was repeatedly stung some 80 times about the face and body.

When medics arrived he was barely breathing and after being taken to a local clinic was transferred to a neighborhood hospital as his condition was life threatening.

Nam Plotkrathok, the local municipal chief said that he was preparing a team of workers to properly dismantle the nest.

Source: Sanook

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