Speeding fines in Thailand – go faster pay less!

Picture: Sanook

PRAE: — Thais online have been questioning the consistency of speeding fines after several people posted fines that seemed to indicate the faster you go the less you pay.

Two fines in the same area of Prae province posted by “Liew Piya” showed an 800 baht ticket for going 115 kilometers an hour and one showing a payment of just 500 baht for going 121 kmph.

Another posted by Yuttana Tharamaha seemed to only confirm the discrepancy.

But when PPTV contacted cops in Prae it was all explained – one of the Prae tickets was before Songkran and the other was after the holidays.

Apparently there was a safe driving campaign on before the holidays and the fines were higher then. Reporters were told to look at the dates at the bottom for confirmation.

Besides, said the cops there is “discretion” from one district to another in how much a speeding motorist has to pay.

Source: Sanook

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