Unfaithful Thai man shoots his wife after she threatens to leave him

Picture: Sanook

BANGKOK: — A Bangkok man shot his wife after she threatened to leave him and threw all his clothes and possessions out the door.

Ekachai, 35, has admitted the crime and also admitted that he is a serial philanderer with many wives.

Following the shooting Monday Rattanathibet police obtained a warrant from the Nonthaburi court and arrested him at a house in Krasor sub-district, reported Sanook.

He was holed out at the house of one of his other wives.

He was found in possession of a bullet and admitted throwing the murder weapon behind the house in Prachacheun Road where he lived with the victim, Sudathip, 33.

He told police that he had come home to be confronted by his wife about his infidelity. She told him that she was going to find a new husband and threw all his stuff out the door.

He was furious and shot her dead.

He apologized to the relatives of the victim and said he was high on Ya Ba at the time which made him hot headed and impetuous.

He has been charged with murder with intent and has been detained.

Source: Sanook

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