Husband claims he played fake Russian roulette with wife but didn’t take all the bullets out

Picture: Daily News

BANGKOK: — A drunk man in Sena, Ayutthaya, told police that he was only playing with his wife when he suggested a game of Russian roulette.

He claimed he had emptied the gun before handing it to his wife.

Sena police who went to a house in ban Phaen sub-district found 27 year old nursing assistant Nopparat Prasena dead in a pool of blood on her bed. She had been shot square in the forehead by a .22 bullet that exited by the nape of the neck, reported Daily News.

The gun used was lying nearby

He husband Pongrat Kitsunthorn, 27, was crying at the scene when police arrived.

He said he had been drinking with friends and on his way back picked up a gun from his grandmother’s house. He said he took out all the bullets.

He got home and suggested a game of Russian roulette with his wife and said they took it in turns to fire.

Suddenly the gun went off and his wife lay dead.

Police are skeptical about his account.

Relatives told the cops that the husband was a habitual drunkard without a job. The wife had posted on Facebook that she was fed up with her life with him.

Investigations continue.

Source: Daily News

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