Motorbike umbrellas can pose a danger, says official

BANGKOK: — Make sure that your umbrella structure is properly secured on your motorcycle, warns the Transport Department.

A new product that is making inroads in the Thai market this rainy season could pose harm to both motorcyclists and those sharing the roads with them.

Department chief Sanit Phromwong said on Friday that his office has asked officials to talk to motorcyclists who have installed the device. Officials are likely to require removal of the umbrellas.

Sanit cited an inspection of umbrella structures that motorcyclists were installing as protection from wind and rain. They found the device had no engineering stability and could cause harm if the structure began to shake, swing side to side, or fall off while the motorcycle was in motion, he said. The rather tall structure could also adversely affect balance of the motorcycle or block the rider’s visibility, he warned.

“Any modification and installation of parts onto cars or motorcycles must undergo stability and safety tests and be granted permission from the registration officials first, so such approved structure would also be recorded in the car/motorcycle registration booklet,” he reminded motorcyclists.


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