Out of work Thai man breaks and kills neighbor’s yapping poodle

Source: Daily News

An out of work Thai man took out his anger on his neighbor’s barking poodle yesterday.
In full view of the owner he stabbed “Jao Khai Tun” twelve times with a 12 inch knife until the pet lay dead in a pool of blood.

Police called to Soi Sanga Ngam in Samut Prakarn soon found the assailant who was still holding the bloodstained knife at his house. Phonrit Thapsaeng, 29, was unable to speak and appeared stressed.

His father Hok said that his son used to be a good and diligent man. Then he lost his job as a construction site foreman after a problem at work and couldn’t find another.

What with his wife being seven months pregnant it had all put him on the edge.

Khai Tun’s distraught owner Phairin Thapsaeng, 56, who was cradling her dead pet in her arms when cops arrived was also too upset to give evidence. She had raised her beloved six year old pooch since he was born.

Her husband Sarayuth said that the neighbor had been walking up and down outside the house and the poodle was barking at him.

“I told him to go home and rest and I went inside to read the paper,” said Sarayuth. “The next thing I knew the wife was screaming and I dashed outside.

“Phonrit was holding our pet by the ear with his left hand and stabbing him repeatedly with his right hand. There was blood everywhere – he couldn’t survive that. Then my neighbor ran off”.

Phonrit, who was also named as Nopparit in the Daily News story, was charged by police with abuse of an animal (dog) and having a knife as a weapon in a public place.


Source: Daily News

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