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Rabies outbreak in downtown Hua Hin – authorities cordon off area

HUA HIN: — The deadly disease rabies has hit downtown Hua Hin.

Local officials rushed to cordon off the infected area after ten people were bitten.

A black dog was taken in and after its brain was examined vets confirmed it had rabies.

Now everyone has been urged to get their dogs and cats vaccinated as health officials scurry to protect the public.

Busaba Choksuchart of the local council said that the authorities became concerned after ten people were bitten in the same area.

The area is in the Samor Rian community of Soi Phrae Phan behind Wat Hua Hin and in the market area of Chomsin Road.

Earlier a stray male black dog had been taken in for examination. When it died its brain was cut open to reveal the deadly disease had killed it.

Worried officials rushed to the concerned area with pictures of the dead dog and discovered it had been roaming all over the area.

Most of the people bitten had already been vaccinated. But one old woman who had been scratched on the face was immediately taken to Hua Hin hospital.

Busaba urged dog and cat owners to have their pets vaccinated for free, reported Daily News.

Source: Daily News

Lead Rein Pony Trekking Udon Thani Thailand – Things To Do In Udon Thani


A very pleasant walk out with the horses today with Michael and his family Harry, Gratai and Tara, Michael has a lot of previous experience with horses so it was a great opportunity for him to get back in the saddle where as with the little ones it was perfect for their first introduction to riding .. even young Tara aged 5 did extremely well! Thank you Michael we look forward to seeing you again next time.


Pony rides for both adults and children,

If you have never been near a pony or horse before but always wanted to experience the sensation of horse riding?

We have now introduced ‘ lead rein ‘ pony and horse trail rides for both children and adults. Instead of riding the horse yourself you will be safely led on the lead rein by our experienced handlers..

The trail ride lasts approx 45 minutes to 1 hour which consists of at first being lead around our scenic lake to gain your balance and then venturing out into the beautiful rural Thai country side, enjoy strolling through local Thai villages and a temple.

We make plenty of stops to make sure of that perfect photograph..

bookings must be made in advance …
For more information please see here:…/

Lek’s Ranch Udon Thani
Tel: 0860593028

Taiwan passes first law in Asia to ban the eating of cats and dogs

People who are repeatedly found guilty of the consumption of the animals can be fined up to £130,000.

Taiwan has become the first country in Asia to pass legislation banning the consumption of cats and dogs.

The ban was included as an amendment to animal protection laws and also covers the selling, purchase and possession or dog or cat carcasses.

Taipei had previously banned the sale of dog meat but in 2011 the Taipei Times published claims by activists that slaughterhouses and dog meat restaurants were escaping prosecution.

And a lamb hotpot restaurant was found last year to be serving dog meat to cut costs.

Under the new legislation, anyone found guilty of eating cat or dog meat can be subject to a fine of between NT$50,000 (£1,300) and NT$250,000 (£6,500), according to the China Post newspaper.

Offenders also face public shaming and those who repeatedly break the law face fines of up to NT$5m (£130,000).

The eating of dog and cat meat is not unusual in parts of Asia, despite objections from international animal rights campaigners.

Breeders sell live dogs for meat in and around Yulin, in China’s Guangxi province annually in June.

Residents in Yulin host small gatherings to consume dog meat and lychees in celebration of the summer solstice.

The new Taiwanese law also includes a clause making it illegal to walk a dog by attaching it to a motor vehicle, the China Post said.

One of the leglislators promoting the law, Chiu Chih-wei said there had been several reports of dogs being injured when forced to run alongside a scooter or car driven by their owners.