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Dad fed up with his lazy, aggressive son empties his .38 into him

Picture: Thai Rath

BANGKOK: — A Bangkok father who claimed he was assaulted frequently by his lazy son finally had enough. He picked up a .38 gun and shot him five times in the head and body.

Police in the Rathanathibet area of Nonthaburi found 42 year old Nammon Thetkaew dead in the family living room at a two story house in Ngam Wong Wan Road Soi 31.

The shooter – his father Winai Thetkaew, 73 – had fled the scene in an Isuzu pick-up truck.  The victim’s mother Arom said she was awaken by the sound of gunfire downstairs and went to see what was happening. She found her own son lying dead in a pool of blood. The victim was the couple’s youngest child.

The victim and his father were always arguing, she told police. The father scolded him for not having a job while the son damaged property and assaulted his father frequently, said Arom.

Police hunted for the shooter and he was soon found trying to pawn a gold ring at a pawn shop in Ngam Wong Wan Road Soi 23

He was arrested and the murder weapon was retrieved.  At the station Winai admitted everything, reported Thai Rath. Following the murder Winai said he had taken pictures of what he done on a phone. He then went to develop the pictures.

After that he got a haircut then went to a local temple to make merit. Then he went to the pawn shop where the police made the arrest.

He was charged with murder and detained.

Source: Thai Rath

Preparing yourself for the nuclear war – common mistakes to avoid

You may have watched the latest reality show, conducted research on the Internet, or may even know someone who is preparing for a natural disaster. Now, you have decided it is time to begin prepping for yourself. You feel the excitement, you realize that you are moving forward and doing something to protect yourself and your family. However, before you begin committing time and resources to essentially preparing for anything, you must first realize there are mistakes you should avoid.

Focusing on One Potential Disaster

It is acceptable to focus on and prepare for a volcanic eruption, nuclear, chemical or biological attack, or even a 10.0 magnitude earthquake, but do not forget the fact that prepping is about surviving any artificial or natural disaster. You cannot spend all of your limited resources on one endeavor. Over time, you will likely have to survive multiples of disasters. You must be prepared generally for all possibilities.

Before beginning preparations, you must ask yourself if what you are preparing for is a realistic threat. Take the time to conduct a treat assessment. If you live in a heavily populated area then certain threats are more likely than if you live in a rural area. For example, if you live in a rural area you would not necessarily focus on a chemical or nuclear attack.

f you live in a large metropolitan, certain events are more likely because populated areas are always a target. However, if you are within a certain range of a possible nuclear, chemical or a biological attack, you are not likely to survive regardless of your preparations. The crisis will be upon you before you can get into your chemical suits, masks and shelters.

Not Preparing For Evacuation

Avoid focusing all your efforts on sheltering in place. Regardless of where you live, you may be forced to evacuate during a crisis. Many of you may convince yourself that no matter what happens you would never leave. Anything is possible and failing to prepare for the possibility of evacuation can have serious consequences. If you convince yourself you would never leave and you are forced to evacuate, you will not be ready and your chances of survival will have been reduced.

Have a backpack for each family member packed and ready to go at all times. The supplies in the backpacks will be in addition to any supplies you have in the home. You may not have time to pack anything, so they must be ready to go. Map out evacuation routes. Make sure you map more than one way out of your area and ensure more than one person in the family knows the way. Drive the routes so you can find them during daylight and after dark. Remember you must prepare for all possible outcomes. Once you become single minded and refuse to accept certain possibilities, you may not survive the crisis.

Not Spreading Your Supplies

Avoid the mistake of stockpiling all of your supplies in one place. Spare bedrooms, basements and garages are ideal storage areas and you can stockpile large amounts in these areas. However, having all of your supplies in one place can be problematic. You will lose all of your emergency supplies if there is a house fire, a robbery, or if your home is otherwise damaged because of the crisis.

You can cache supplies in various locations outside your home, or even at a bug-out location. You can bury supplies using waterproof containers, or in some cases put them in outbuildings on your property. If your home is damaged or robbed, you will have backup supplies nearby.

Place supplies in underground caches along your expected evacuation routes as well. If you have to evacuate quickly, having supplies in various locations ensures your survival. Avoid caching supplies at commercial storage facilities because these will be prime targets for looters and others during a crisis and you may not be able to make your way there.

Your emergency supply caches should be in areas that can be reached on foot and are along any expected travel routes. You must have unrestricted access to your cache of supplies regardless of the time of day or night.

Not Considering Other People as a Threat

Underestimating how desperate people can become is one mistake you should never make. Parents will go to any length to provide for their children and will take whatever they need by any means possible. Once the disaster strikes and a few days have passed, people will begin to realize how unprepared they really are and soon will become desperate. They will turn to violence to get what they need. Your friends, neighbors and strangers will be looking for those that have prepared.

These will be times when a loaf of bread, or quart of water, can mean the difference between surviving the rest of the day, or not. In reality, it may not be the case but that does not matter. If someone is convinced they are starving, they will turn to those they know have supplies and some will turn violent to get what they think they need.

Learn to keep secrets. Those who prepare like to encourage others to prepare for anything because they know the more people who are prepared means there will be less stress and desperation during a crisis. Not only are people who have not prepared a burden, they are also a threat during a disaster. You will want to help others in their time of need but during a crisis, you have to put your family and yourself first.

Never encourage others before a crisis strikes to seek you out for help once a crisis does strike. Many will take you up on the offer and some may not ask, but simply take. Do not tell others how well prepared you are. You have no way of knowing how people will react when put in a life or death situation. Many will step up and meet the challenge. Others will be so overwhelmed they will do things that they would not normally consider.

There are mistakes you can work through as the crisis unfolds. Then again, some cannot be overcome and can have serious consequences. Not preparing for all types of disasters and other common mistakes prepper make are difficult to overcome in the midst of a disaster. Explore and experiment with various methods and materials but always experiment in a controlled environment. Prepare and experiment before disaster strikes. This way, you have time to learn from your mistakes and you will not have to suffer from them.



NEW Scheme 72-hour emergency treatment for free at any hospital

Under the new scheme, emergency patients can receive free medical service for the first 72 hours at any hospital before they are transferred to their registered hospital on their medical scheme.

STARTING FROM today, emergency patients can go to any hospital for 72 hours free emergency treatment, the Public Health Ministry has announced.

Public Health Minister Dr Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn said yesterday that the ministry has launched the Universal Coverage for Emergency Patients (UCEP) policy.

Piyasakol said that to cover the medical bill for the first 72 hours, the ministry has consulted with all relevant agencies and private hospitals to set up a rate for emergency treatment costing more than Bt3,000. The hospital can draw money from the medical scheme that the patient is registered to.

“People do not have to worry. If their illness is urgent, they can go to any hospital and receive free treatment for the first 72 hours, and then they will be transferred to the hospital that they registered with for treatment on their own scheme, or they can stay at the private hospital at their own expense,” he said.

The Public Health Minister also said that the ministry has arranged with public hospitals to prepare the room for emergency patients. He added that any private hospital that refuses to take care of emergency patients for free in the first 72 hours will be punished by law.

Air Vice Marshal Chalermporn Boonsiri, head of Thai College of Emergency Physicians, said that information will be placed in front of the emergency section of each hospital to clarify the definition of an emergency illness.

Chalermporn said that the National Institute for Emergency Medicine will rule on any dispute over what kind of illness can be considered an emergency.

Private Hospital Association president Dr Pongphat Patanavanich said private hospitals are ready to take care of emergency patients for free.

He stressed, however, that patients who decide to continue treatment at private hospitals beyond the first 72 hours will have to pay the exceeding medical bill by themselves.

Thai Medical Error Network director Preeyanan Lorsermvattana said that she was glad the Public Health Ministry had arrived at the policy and said authorities had made the right decision to solve the problems of emergency medical care.

“One of the good things in this policy is that there are punishments for private hospitals if they turn down an emergency patient. Moreover, there is a system to seek room for the transferred patients after receiving emergency treatment for 72 hours,” Preeyanan said.

“I have to thank all the people who are behind this progress. From now on, we are letting the system work and we will monitor for any problems that may occur.”

She added that Thailand still did not have enough emergency physicians and it was important that everyone should take good care of their health so they will not become an emergency patient.

This policy has been made legal on the auxiliary regulations, which were effective on April 1 onward.


UD Self Storage Udon Thani

UD Self Storage is an Australian/Thai family owned and operated, with 20 years of experience in the storage removals and relocation industry in Australia.

We pride ourselves on being the first and the only dedicated self-storage facility in the north of Thailand. Our goal is to provide a safe and secure, friendly and convenient site for our clients to store their possessions.

We offer 7 days x 24 hour continuously recorded surveillance, security alarms system (which can be accessed remotely outside of normal operating hours) and limited access entry points into the building to give maximum peace of mind.

Members of our professional team will always be available at our on-site office, and can tend to your needs and monitor the entry point to our facility.

We understand that downsizing to a smaller home space can be an issue; we understand that modern working lifestyles may require you to be away from your abode for months at a time; we understand lifestyle choices and circumstances may create the need for additional space. In such circumstances you can rest assured our facility offers all that you require.

Whether you need a place for your golf clubs, your motor bike, a vehicle, a few pieces of furniture or a complete household of items, UD Self Storage can help you!

For those in-between moves (such as selling your home to finance the purchase of a new home) timing can be an issue. Coupled with the high cost of quality furniture and a poor second hand furniture market, UD Self Storage is a safe and easy option for many.

Our facility also offers large undercover loading areas with plenty of room inside to protect you from inclement weather while you are loading or storing your items. And should you need to refresh after storing your items, we have toilet and shower amenities, with a waiting lounge and coffee, tea and water … all free of charge and available to our existing and potential clients.

With multiple units of varying sizes from which to choose, we know you will have peace of mind when storing your possessions with UD Self Storage.

For your convenience we sell all the materials you will need to make the experience of storing your items with us an easy and pleasurable process. We sell boxes, tape, tape guns, paper, cardboard rolls, bubble wrap and more. Click here for the complete list of the items we can help you with.

With the most competitive rates and rental terms in Thailand, we offer the best and most affordable self-storage solutions. Call us now or send an email to reserve your safe and secure storage space today!

For English only inquiries – Contact Colin:

  • International dialling: +66-9-3850-2523
  • Within Thailand: 09-3850-2523

Lek’s Specimen Fishing Park Udon Thani

Lek’s Specimen Fishing Park – A Private & Exclusive Fishing Lake For Hire

Conveniently situated only 3 km for Udon Thani airport…… (pick up / drop off taxi service available)

In a private and secluded North East Thailand setting the mixed specimen coarse lake boasts well over 45 different fish species ranging from huge Mekong Catfish to Giant Siamese Carp, with vicious predators such as the Arapaima, Alligator Gar, Chao Phraya Catfish, Amazon Redtail and many more…. with us only accepting limited bookings in return keeps the lake unpressured and produces exciting catch rates..

Some of the bigger fish require strong equipment so we only use high end imported fishing tackle (included in the fee, ) inc Free Spirit rods with Shimano XT bait runners, Nash rod pod with Fox bite alarm indicators, full tackle box and enough bait to last you all day….. you will also be provided with a personal guide / assistant to give you advise plus a helping hand to land any of the larger fish .. (the amount of assistance you require is up to yourself)

It can get very hot in Thailand so we provide cover and protection from the sun and rain with our private luxury salas which are equipped with cool fans, a fully stocked mini bar with western and Thai food also available.. (plug sockets and fast WIFI connection which is very popular with any none fishing spectators / family members) …

We are looking at keeping the lake uncommercialised and currently fishing would be reserved exclusively for yourself, family or group, to avoid disappointment we would prefer that bookings are to be made in advance….

To contact us and obtain directions to our lake you can email us for the fastest response at or call us on 0860593028 within Thailand or +66860593028 from abroad…

Lek’s Ranch & Fishing Park Udon Thani
Tel: 0860593028