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Chonburi Zoo attraction forces elephants to swim underwater for people

A large news agency recently released a surprising video that seems to endorse a possibly abusive elephant attraction that opened late last year at Thailand’s Khao Kheow Open Zoo. One of the park’s most popular draws, the elephant swimming pool attracts scores of families and children who watch the underwater show from the comfort of an indoor theater.

In the 49-second AFP clip, the elephant is forced to swim to the bottom of the pool six times as he is ridden and prodded by a mahout, who also pulls on his ears. On the other side of the barrier, children hit the glass and try to get the animal’s attention while hordes of parents film the sad event.

The elephant, meanwhile, seems for all the world like it’s simply trying to get back to the surface to breathe.


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Wildlife foundation rescues monkey wounded by harpoon gun on outskirts of Bangkok

A long-tailed macaque has made a “miracle” recovery after being shot with a harpoon gun on the outskirts of Bangkok.

BANGKOK: — The quarrel that hit the monkey, which has been nicknamed “Rocket”, penetrated under the animal’s eye through its head and into its back.

The Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand tracked down the animal after concerned residents began posting pictures of it in obvious distress on Facebook. Foundation staff then sedated the monkey before capturing it and administering veterinary care.

“It’s actually doing quite well with no infection and no abscesses at the moment,” the foundation’s founder Edwin Wiek told The Nation. “He seems to be recovering quite well and we expect to return him to the wild in four or five days.”

Wiek said such incidents were not uncommon in areas around the industrial estates on Bangkok outskirts, which he attributed to migrant workers hunting animals for food. “These people do not know the laws of Thailand and that these animals are protected,” Wiek said.

The foundation plans to post hoardings in the area in the Khmer and Burmese languages to educate people about animal cruelty and wildlife protections stipulated by Thai law.

This is not the first time the foundation has come to the assistance of wounded animals in the area, although Rocket’s strong recovery made the animal something of the exception and only the second monkey to fully recover from such an injury.



Monk watching sex movie on full volume filmed on tour bus

Image: Daily News

Thai netizens were wondering what the nation’s monks were going to get up to next after one of their number was filmed watching a porno movie on full volume on a tour bus.

The video ended up on Facebook with onliners shaking their heads at what has become of Thai society.

Daily News online caught up with the poster of the clip, 19 year old Wittawat Wonghajuk who told them that he was taking a bus from Loei to Udon Thani when he heard the sound of the movie, clearly people having sex.

He thought it was a teenager watching it and made his way to say something.

But when he saw who was watching he thought better of it.

It was a monk aged about 30 – who seemed oblivious to his fellow passengers as he gawked at the movie.

Wittawat was worried that the monk might get angry – he had seen the results of monk violence recently – so he decided to film instead.

Now he hopes someone will recognize the monk who got off (the bus) before the poster alighted in Nong Bualamphu.

Source: Daily News


Enraged wife crashes car into Mercedes carrying husband and his mistressBy The Nation 

BANGKOK: — In a scene straight out of a television drama, a woman driving a brand-new Toyota Fortuner chased a Mercedes Benz carrying her husband and his mistress to confront them and ended up crashing into four vehicles in Pathum Thani’s Thanyaburi district, causing six slight injuries on Saturday afternoon.

The pile-up occurred at 4.30pm on the Rangsit-Nakhon Nayok Road in Tambon Bung Yitow, causing a severe four-kilomretre-long traffic jam before the scene was cleared.

The initial police probe found that the woman had traced her husband using GPS, caught up with his white Mercedes Benz at Sawai Pracharat Road and then decided to crash her vehicle into his to stop him from getting way.

The crash also caused damaged three other passing cars.


Another foreign couple wanted for committing sex acts in public

SAMUI:– Police are searching for an unidentified foreign couple who were seen ‘getting intimate’ at the side of the road at Nathorn Beach in Samui this morning.

A video of the incident, about a minute and 45 seconds long, was posted on a Facebook page titled ‘Ruam Pon Khon Mui’.

The couple were seemingly unconcerned about making a spectacle, as people drove by and pedestrians looked on.

The video and pictures have been widely shared and criticized on social media, with some calling for harsher punishments than the 500-baht fine doled out to the Russian couple charged in Phuket yesterday for “conducting an indecent act in public”



Six year old Thai / Italian twins ‘marry’ in Songkhla

Picture: Sanook

SONGKHLA: — Two six year old twins with Thai and Italian parents married in a ceremony in Songkhla in the south of Thailand yesterday.

Twins often “marry” according to local beliefs that the practice will bring good luck to both them and the family ensuring they will always be together and have a long and happy life, reported Sanook.

Tying the knot yesterday were groom Peno Vincent Curotto, the younger of the two six year olds, and his sister the bride Cara Francis.

Parents Joseph Curotto from Italy and mother Pornsri Wijitsopha joined many guests at the wedding that had all the trappings of a real marriage complete with dowry.

Little Cara had to attend the ceremony in a cast after injuring her left arm in an accident three days before, but she did the best she could, reported Sanook.

Source: Sanook

Towering ghost “saves life” of Sattahip woman – now scramble begins for lottery numbers

Source: Sanook

SATTAHIP: —  The mother of a woman who had a miraculous escape in an overturned pick-up said her daughter swerved to avoid a shadowy ghost that was “as clear as day”, reported Sanook.

She said it was a clear warning sign from the protective spirit of a navy housing estate trying to stop her daughter going onto the main road where she may have faced death.

Now the locals are scurrying to buy lottery tickets using the registration of the vehicle.

Sanook said in their headline that the story really put the hairs on the back of your neck up.

Police called to the scene of the accident in a navy personnel housing estate found 21 year old Rithaichanok completely uninjured but in a state of shock by her overturned vehicle.

Her mother told reporters that she had just left the family home minutes before. She had seen a huge shadowy black figure in the middle of the road and swerved, hitting a power pole and flipping the Ford Ranger.

She said the accident happened in broad daylight and the spirit was itself as clear as day.

She said it was a clear warning sign that the protective spirit of the housing state was trying to warn her daughter that she would face possible death if she went out on the main road.

It was obviously an omen, she said, and would undoubtedly have been much worse for her daughter if she had made it to the highway.

Mum and daughter immediately went to the temple to make merit while the locals who were at the scene also took it as a sign – they scrambled to buy lottery tickets with the 4431 number of the Ranger’s license plate.


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