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Rabies outbreak in downtown Hua Hin – authorities cordon off area

HUA HIN: — The deadly disease rabies has hit downtown Hua Hin.

Local officials rushed to cordon off the infected area after ten people were bitten.

A black dog was taken in and after its brain was examined vets confirmed it had rabies.

Now everyone has been urged to get their dogs and cats vaccinated as health officials scurry to protect the public.

Busaba Choksuchart of the local council said that the authorities became concerned after ten people were bitten in the same area.

The area is in the Samor Rian community of Soi Phrae Phan behind Wat Hua Hin and in the market area of Chomsin Road.

Earlier a stray male black dog had been taken in for examination. When it died its brain was cut open to reveal the deadly disease had killed it.

Worried officials rushed to the concerned area with pictures of the dead dog and discovered it had been roaming all over the area.

Most of the people bitten had already been vaccinated. But one old woman who had been scratched on the face was immediately taken to Hua Hin hospital.

Busaba urged dog and cat owners to have their pets vaccinated for free, reported Daily News.

Source: Daily News

Mum ‘lucky to be alive’ after stingray attack in Thailand

HORROR: A mum has told of her panic after she accidentally trod on a stingray

A MUM has told of her horror after she accidentally trod on a stingray on holiday in Thailand.

Dawn North suffered searing pain when her foot was stabbed by the deadly creature’s poisoned barb.

She said: “I thought that I’d been bitten by something and didn’t realise how bad it was until I lifted my leg out and there was blood everywhere.

“I was concerned I’d become shark bait if I stayed bleeding in the water.

“I screamed and shouted to my boyfriend Dave to come get me.

“He managed to swim over and carry me out of the water and dumped me on the sand.”

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Daily STAR Sunday: 2017-08-05

Chonburi Zoo attraction forces elephants to swim underwater for people

A large news agency recently released a surprising video that seems to endorse a possibly abusive elephant attraction that opened late last year at Thailand’s Khao Kheow Open Zoo. One of the park’s most popular draws, the elephant swimming pool attracts scores of families and children who watch the underwater show from the comfort of an indoor theater.

In the 49-second AFP clip, the elephant is forced to swim to the bottom of the pool six times as he is ridden and prodded by a mahout, who also pulls on his ears. On the other side of the barrier, children hit the glass and try to get the animal’s attention while hordes of parents film the sad event.

The elephant, meanwhile, seems for all the world like it’s simply trying to get back to the surface to breathe.


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Sperm whale carcass found floating off Phuket beach

The carcass (to the right in image) was confirmed as being that of a sperm whale. Photo: Eakkapop Thongtub

PHUKET: Marine experts have confirmed that a carcass found floating off Surin Beach yesterday was that of a sperm whale.

At 10am yesterday (May31), Director of the Phuket Department of Marine and Coastal Resources’ (DMCR) Conservation Division Mr Suchart Rattanaruengsri received a report from lifeguards at Surin Beach in Cherng Talay that the remains of a large whale had been found floating about 500 metres off shore.

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Wildlife foundation rescues monkey wounded by harpoon gun on outskirts of Bangkok

A long-tailed macaque has made a “miracle” recovery after being shot with a harpoon gun on the outskirts of Bangkok.

BANGKOK: — The quarrel that hit the monkey, which has been nicknamed “Rocket”, penetrated under the animal’s eye through its head and into its back.

The Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand tracked down the animal after concerned residents began posting pictures of it in obvious distress on Facebook. Foundation staff then sedated the monkey before capturing it and administering veterinary care.

“It’s actually doing quite well with no infection and no abscesses at the moment,” the foundation’s founder Edwin Wiek told The Nation. “He seems to be recovering quite well and we expect to return him to the wild in four or five days.”

Wiek said such incidents were not uncommon in areas around the industrial estates on Bangkok outskirts, which he attributed to migrant workers hunting animals for food. “These people do not know the laws of Thailand and that these animals are protected,” Wiek said.

The foundation plans to post hoardings in the area in the Khmer and Burmese languages to educate people about animal cruelty and wildlife protections stipulated by Thai law.

This is not the first time the foundation has come to the assistance of wounded animals in the area, although Rocket’s strong recovery made the animal something of the exception and only the second monkey to fully recover from such an injury.



Another foreign couple wanted for committing sex acts in public

SAMUI:– Police are searching for an unidentified foreign couple who were seen ‘getting intimate’ at the side of the road at Nathorn Beach in Samui this morning.

A video of the incident, about a minute and 45 seconds long, was posted on a Facebook page titled ‘Ruam Pon Khon Mui’.

The couple were seemingly unconcerned about making a spectacle, as people drove by and pedestrians looked on.

The video and pictures have been widely shared and criticized on social media, with some calling for harsher punishments than the 500-baht fine doled out to the Russian couple charged in Phuket yesterday for “conducting an indecent act in public”



Marine turtle rescued in Chachoengsao

CHACHOENGSAO: — A big sea turtle was rescued after it lost its way and swam up Bang Pakong River more than 80 kilometres inland.

Dr Nantarika Chansue, head of the Veterinary Medical Aquatic Animal Research Centre at Chulalongkorn University, on Wednesday conducted a health inspection of the 20-year-old female green turtle that swam upstream in Bang Pakong River and was found more than 80 kilometres away from the sea.

Nantarika said the marine turtle was healthy and could be released back into the sea. However, the veterinarian team gave it an antibiotic and vitamin shots to boost its health before contacting the Marine and Coastal Resources Department to pick it up and return it to the sea.

The green turtle was found in Bang Pakong River, in the Khlong Khuean district of Chachoengsao province. It was rescued by local people and brought to the Chachoengsao Coastal Fisheries Research and Development Centre.

Nantarika explained that the turtle may have lost his way because of the intrusion of saltwater into the river, as a result the turtle may not have realised it was no longer in the sea. When a turtle finds itself in freshwater, it will be confused and cannot find its way back to the sea, she explained.

“For a green turtle, the most suitable salinity of water is higher than 20 grams per litre and not less than 15 grams per litre. But the salinity at the spot where people found this turtle was only 3 grams per litre. Being in freshwater for a long time can harm the kidney of the turtle,” she stated.

“Luckily, this turtle is healthy and can be released back into the sea without any special treatment. I have to thank the people who helped save this turtle and did not cause it any harm.”


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