Husband claims he played fake Russian roulette with wife but didn’t take all the bullets out

Picture: Daily News

BANGKOK: — A drunk man in Sena, Ayutthaya, told police that he was only playing with his wife when he suggested a game of Russian roulette.

He claimed he had emptied the gun before handing it to his wife.

Sena police who went to a house in ban Phaen sub-district found 27 year old nursing assistant Nopparat Prasena dead in a pool of blood on her bed. She had been shot square in the forehead by a .22 bullet that exited by the nape of the neck, reported Daily News.

The gun used was lying nearby

He husband Pongrat Kitsunthorn, 27, was crying at the scene when police arrived.

He said he had been drinking with friends and on his way back picked up a gun from his grandmother’s house. He said he took out all the bullets.

He got home and suggested a game of Russian roulette with his wife and said they took it in turns to fire.

Suddenly the gun went off and his wife lay dead.

Police are skeptical about his account.

Relatives told the cops that the husband was a habitual drunkard without a job. The wife had posted on Facebook that she was fed up with her life with him.

Investigations continue.

Source: Daily News

Unfaithful Thai man shoots his wife after she threatens to leave him

Picture: Sanook

BANGKOK: — A Bangkok man shot his wife after she threatened to leave him and threw all his clothes and possessions out the door.

Ekachai, 35, has admitted the crime and also admitted that he is a serial philanderer with many wives.

Following the shooting Monday Rattanathibet police obtained a warrant from the Nonthaburi court and arrested him at a house in Krasor sub-district, reported Sanook.

He was holed out at the house of one of his other wives.

He was found in possession of a bullet and admitted throwing the murder weapon behind the house in Prachacheun Road where he lived with the victim, Sudathip, 33.

He told police that he had come home to be confronted by his wife about his infidelity. She told him that she was going to find a new husband and threw all his stuff out the door.

He was furious and shot her dead.

He apologized to the relatives of the victim and said he was high on Ya Ba at the time which made him hot headed and impetuous.

He has been charged with murder with intent and has been detained.

Source: Sanook

Enraged wife crashes car into Mercedes carrying husband and his mistressBy The Nation 

BANGKOK: — In a scene straight out of a television drama, a woman driving a brand-new Toyota Fortuner chased a Mercedes Benz carrying her husband and his mistress to confront them and ended up crashing into four vehicles in Pathum Thani’s Thanyaburi district, causing six slight injuries on Saturday afternoon.

The pile-up occurred at 4.30pm on the Rangsit-Nakhon Nayok Road in Tambon Bung Yitow, causing a severe four-kilomretre-long traffic jam before the scene was cleared.

The initial police probe found that the woman had traced her husband using GPS, caught up with his white Mercedes Benz at Sawai Pracharat Road and then decided to crash her vehicle into his to stop him from getting way.

The crash also caused damaged three other passing cars.



BANGKOK — Drivers in Bangkok are now legally required to stop for pedestrians at zebra crosswalks following a new campaign launched by police yesterday.

Police announced last week that from 1 September onward, motorists who failed to stop at zebra crossings in Bangkok will face a fine of 500 baht.

Although the current Traffic Act does require drivers to stop at the crosswalks, the law has not been strictly enforced and many pedestrians in the capital city prefer to use the “pedestrian bridges” over roads to avoid risking their lives with the oncoming traffic.

Pol.Maj.Gen. Nipon Charoenpol, deputy commander of Metropolitan Police Bureau, said police will begin monitoring drivers’ behavior around zebra crossings in the financial district of Asoke.

“Drivers who don’t slow down their vehicles when they approach the crossing will be fined no more than 500 baht,” Pol.Maj.Gen. Nipon said yesterday. “Pedestrians who don’t use zebra crossing will also be guilty of violating the Traffic Act … which carries a fine of no more than 200 baht.”

Two jaywalkers were fined yesterday for not using the zebra crossings, said Pol.Col. Pusit Witsetkamin, deputy Traffic Police chief.

Pol.Maj.Gen. Nipon, who has a reputation for personally directing traffic on Bangkok’s busy roads, said the campaign will help improve traffic around the Asoke Intersection.

Police will also take additional measures to ease the notorious traffic in Asoke, such as banning vehicles from cutting the opposite lane and deploying more police officers to oversee the traffic, added Pol.Maj.Gen. Nipon.

Another foreign couple wanted for committing sex acts in public

SAMUI:– Police are searching for an unidentified foreign couple who were seen ‘getting intimate’ at the side of the road at Nathorn Beach in Samui this morning.

A video of the incident, about a minute and 45 seconds long, was posted on a Facebook page titled ‘Ruam Pon Khon Mui’.

The couple were seemingly unconcerned about making a spectacle, as people drove by and pedestrians looked on.

The video and pictures have been widely shared and criticized on social media, with some calling for harsher punishments than the 500-baht fine doled out to the Russian couple charged in Phuket yesterday for “conducting an indecent act in public”



Six year old Thai / Italian twins ‘marry’ in Songkhla

Picture: Sanook

SONGKHLA: — Two six year old twins with Thai and Italian parents married in a ceremony in Songkhla in the south of Thailand yesterday.

Twins often “marry” according to local beliefs that the practice will bring good luck to both them and the family ensuring they will always be together and have a long and happy life, reported Sanook.

Tying the knot yesterday were groom Peno Vincent Curotto, the younger of the two six year olds, and his sister the bride Cara Francis.

Parents Joseph Curotto from Italy and mother Pornsri Wijitsopha joined many guests at the wedding that had all the trappings of a real marriage complete with dowry.

Little Cara had to attend the ceremony in a cast after injuring her left arm in an accident three days before, but she did the best she could, reported Sanook.

Source: Sanook

Speeding fines in Thailand – go faster pay less!

Picture: Sanook

PRAE: — Thais online have been questioning the consistency of speeding fines after several people posted fines that seemed to indicate the faster you go the less you pay.

Two fines in the same area of Prae province posted by “Liew Piya” showed an 800 baht ticket for going 115 kilometers an hour and one showing a payment of just 500 baht for going 121 kmph.

Another posted by Yuttana Tharamaha seemed to only confirm the discrepancy.

But when PPTV contacted cops in Prae it was all explained – one of the Prae tickets was before Songkran and the other was after the holidays.

Apparently there was a safe driving campaign on before the holidays and the fines were higher then. Reporters were told to look at the dates at the bottom for confirmation.

Besides, said the cops there is “discretion” from one district to another in how much a speeding motorist has to pay.

Source: Sanook

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